Annabel's Farewell

May 17, 2003

One of the original founders of the Winos quits her job, sells her house, says "farewell" to the Bay Area. That must be the "W" as she spells it out for us.

There was yummy food...

... and good drinks (courtesy of Annabel's wine cellar) ...
... and festive balloons...

... and sparkling, witty, rapacious conversation!

There were more surprises! Some just learned that Judd accepted the job in Little Rock Arkansas. Lauren will be joining him-- damn, all the good Winos are leaving.

This conversation seems to have just taken a turn. What did Michelle just say?

She and Steve are moving to Arkansas too?

That Rich resold the Brazil print for $37,000?

She used to be a man?

We'll miss you Annabel! I know you'll miss us too... :~)