Rich's Beaujolais Dinner Party



Spicy Brined Pork Chops
Mango-Tomato Chutney
Fresh Herbed Pasta Salad
Papaya Halves with Lime
Marionberry Pie a' la mode

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Six wines from Beujolais, one from Burgundy made with gamay grapes. All from K&L
in Redwood City. Styles ranged from "New Style" 100% carbonic maceration to "Old Style"
100% the way most red wines are made in barrels. Most were a combination of the two styles.
Check out the links for a description of these:

Tasting notes were thin on the ground, we did not do a group ranking. Here's what I could find:

Warmup: 2001 Louis Tete Beaujolais Villages, "Le Pot" $7.99 Generally well-liked.
1) 2000 Beaujolais, lAncien, Vielles Vignes, Jean-Paul Brun $9.99

Thin and tinny

2) 2000 Brouilly, Chateau de La Chaize $12.99 8
Yum! Fruity and fresh.
Very red.
3) 2000 Moulin a Vent, Domaine Oliver Merlin $13.99

More barrell, earthy

4) 1999 En Bollery, "Terres d'en Face" Domaine Vougeraie 8.4
Great with pork!
5) 1998 Moulin a Vent, Domaine Romanesca $13.99 5
Ick- flat
6) 1999 Moulin a Vent, Domaine Lous Tete $13.99 6.9
Not good, like five