Becca's Riesling Tasting
May 27, 2004

A, B and E were Alsatian, C, D and E were German. There was a definite difference between the two.

The order, from worst to best (including total points from the group, more points=less people like it):

F-(49) A sweet-style Riesling (Auslese), not very balanced. Unlike some of the other sweeter style ones which at least some people found to have a refreshing acidic finish, this one was cloying.

A- (48) The driest one--not much going on. A little acid up front, then no finish.

There was a fairly general consensus on A and F. The others had a wider range of opinion, some people said they didn't have a palate for the sweeter Rieslings, some found them refreshing.

E- (36) Green apple, tart, mineral, somewhat bitter.

C- (29) ripe fruit nose, effervescent. While less sweet than D, most people found D's long acidic finish to make it more refreshing (or less cloying, depending on your tastes) than C.

D (28) Fairly sweet, but with high acid, esp. on the finish, so your palate was cleaned. Described as a "vapid blonde"--sort of a one trick pony, but a very pleasant drinkable wine esp. for hot tubs and summers. Even though it was described as a vapid blonde, many people seemed to keep asking for more. Very effervescent, orange blossoms.

B (19) One of the drier ones, this one was generally considered interesting and balanced, nice acidity. Petrol nose (characteristic of Rieslings, particularly as they age, the Alsatian ones had more petrol on the nose, I didn't notice petrol in any of the German ones).