Belgian Trappist Beer Tasting

April 19, 2001
at Mark's house

Link to the beer wheel

Beer list: (All beer came from Beverages, and More)

  1. White Chimay
  2. Red Chimay - "caramel" - generally liked by the group
  3. Blue Chimay - "caramel", "molasses bread"
  4. Duvel - liked by most people except Rich
  5. Orval - "different" - this one was rated in first place
  6. Maudite - generally not liked by the group
  7. the pink elephant one - really not liked either
Cheese list (All cheese came from the Milk Pail)
  1. "California Dry Jack" - not really liked by any one
  2. "Imported Italian Gorganzola" - tasty fungal infested
  3. "Prince de Claverolle - Istara" - Semi-hard cheese
  4. "L'Edel de Cleron" - the gooey brie
  5. "One of Steve's Favorites ... Tallegio from Italy" - soft cheese, popular with our group
Water : All the water was from that market on Middlefield at Charleston