World-wide Merlots

February 21, 2002

Wines are listed in the order they were tasted. Dawnelle, Steve, Michelle, Tom, David, Zoe, and Teresa attended.

Chateau Lafleur-Gazin 1998
$35: Wine Club
Rombauer Vineyards 1999 Napa Valley Merlot:
$27: Wine Club
Canoe Ridge Vineyards 1999 Merlot:
$20: Wine Club
Falesco Merlot Umbria 2000:
$13.59: Wine Club
Montes Alpha 1999 Merlot:
$13.59: Wine Club
Penfolds Rawson's Retreat Merlot 2001
$6: Wine Club
30 points: 4th place 25 points: 2nd place 19 points: 1st place 32 points: 5th place 29 points: 3rd place 33 points: 6th place
bandaid, thin, grassy, balanced, dry, funky, butter, tobacco, leather, french vanilla nose, sharp, harsh, metallic, tannic, nice, sour, hot, cherry, spicey, kalua, solid smooth, chocolate, silky, fuity, solvent, complex, berry, vegetal, dense, nonoffensive, bland stinky, earthy, icky, rubber, leather, tannic, flat, closed, bitter, smooth, petroleum corky, grass, opened later, musty, robust, balanced, young, thin, lactic, cherry, smokey, oaky, pepper, closed Closed, flat, artificial fruit, koolaid, metallic, butter, vegetal, dusky, cranberry, jammy, vanilla, subtle