Pinots from Oregon

January 10, 2002

Wines are listed in the order they were tasted. Lauren, Rich, Tom, Teresa, Steve, Mark, Andrea, Melissa and Ron attended.

Something white ???

(warmup wine)

Lauren thought that since the pinots would be "soft" that a white warmup would be more appropriate.


Argyle 2000

Bev Mo: 21.99

3rd place, 22 points: all over the map.

ashy, watery, lacks depth

light body, rhubarb flavor, hints of anise

light raspepberry nose; light taste

Cherry nose, fruity; mild taste, not much tannins, not great, needs more acid

Nice, earth, mineral, fruit; light butter mouth, touch of acid, lite food wine

Great nosey pinot, happy light and strawberry, fresh and unpretentious

King Estate 1997

Bev Mo: 18.99

6th place, 41 points: nobody liked this one.

raspberry-floral, medium flavor, middle of the road

floral, chemical; very little tannin, smooth, not too interesting

perfume/chmical nose; richer than #1, sour acid, more tannins

floral, chemical nose: light, dull, slightly sour

effervescent but bland, flat but not offensive

Benton Lane 1999

Bev Mo: 17.99

First place, 11 points: five #1 votes, one for 2nd, one for 3rd.

fruity nose, robust full body, well-balanced

rich nose, thick body

berry nose, more intense; fruity, full-bodied, tannic

strong, more sour nose; nice taste, some tannins

bigger, nice, earthy, fruit; more fruit, bigger style, oak

Wild Hog Pinot, classic musty, meaty and smokey


Rex Hill 1999

Bev Mo: 21.99

2nd place, 18 points: mostly 2nd and 3rd place votes.

uninteresting nose, smooth

stinky nose, good fruit

mineral nose, fruity taste

nose- dirt? smells like coffee; big and smooth, warm in the throat, fruit, acid

bigger, fruit (S. Cruz mtns?) earth, oak, fruit

sour tongue, but smooth, earthy, not great nose


Erath 1998

Bev Mo: 12.99

5th place, 35 points: only one person liked this.

rotten egg

sulfer finish, sour


sulfer nose, sharp taste, not great, harsh

stinkier, smoke, not much fruit; can't figure mouth, weird, flat

sulfery, not pleasent

Soquel 2000

??? 28.00

4th place, 32 points: all over the map.

effervescent, syrupy

Big wine, Soquel?

dark berry nose; peppery cola, huge taste

weird nose, burning the roof of my mouth- peppery, very aggressive

semi-stinky, (meatloaf?); pepper, metallic, unripe big fruit, zin

brighter, effervescent, peppery; zinny