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Day one. The first crew arrives: Steve, Becca, Mark and Rich. We prepare ourselves for a long day prepping the boats, shopping for food, and of course, drinking wine.
We have two boats, and a crew of five. Getting through the first couple of locks turns out to be harder than it looks here. This must be lock four or five, after we figured out how to keep the boats steady during the fill.
Racing down the River Sens. The first part of the trip was mostly a wide, easy river. Later on we had to travel in "single file" through the narrow canal.
The end of the second day, we arrive in Auxerre. We are all amazed that we haven't heard more about this town before. It is midway between Paris and Dijon. The medeival center is large and beautiful. A few of us returned here on our way home to see more!

The whole group, after we pick up David and Zoe just outside of Auxerre. Right after this we split up to get provisions for the rest of the week.

Becca, Mark, Steve, Rich, Teresa, David, Zoe


Off again down the river. Peace and quiet abounds.

Back in the locks. We did a lot of these. Since we went "up river" the whole trip we always entered the "emptied" lock, then had to keep the boats steadied while the lock refilled. The front boat always got the worst jostling, although you can see that we have things under control this time.



Mark and Steve, making it look just a little harder than it really is...
Here you can see the canal on the right side, and the river on the left. Here the canal is lower, but at other points we were able to look way "down" at the river.
France has geese. Here they come, looking for food!
One group of ducks came up to the boats- Teresa ran in to get a pot (canard for dinner- yum!) but as soon as they saw the pot, they ran away!

French cows. MMmmmmm.... cows.....


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