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Steve raises a village drawbridge for our boats to cross under.
A boatfull of Austrians followed us most of the trip. This couple is waiting to drop the bridge after they pass.
The Austrians' boat. They didn't smile for the camera until I told them to. I had to jump and wave, but they always obliged!
One day, Becca, Mark and I hiked up to a hilltop town. I think they see a squirrel in the bushes...
A view from the hilltop town. You can see the canal and our boat (the white speck on the right-side bend.)
Another view from the top.

A castle in the distance.



Almost every lock was associated with a lockkeeper's house, and a tiny village.
Helping the lockkeeper open the lock doors.
Another village.
After the boats, Steve, Teresa and I went to Dijon and Beaunne. Here's a well in the interior court of the Hospice de Beaunne.

Bon jour!


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